Sturdy Storage Units Outside

Take advantage of our affordable storage rates.  Our facility is climate controlled and has CCTV combined with 24/7 armed security guards.  Your equipment and furniture is safe with us.  Instead of subletting your place while you tour Europe for six months, let your apartment go and store your things for safe keeping.  If you have recently moved to Amarillo and are staying with a friend until you get on your feet, consider storing your precious belongings with us.  When you get your own place, it would be our pleasure to load, move and unpack your things at your new abode.

Short & Long Term Storage

Retailers use our facility to store excess inventory.  They are confident in our security measures.  Each employee must possess the assigned code and key to access the stored merchandise.  If you’d like to store your things will your home is being fumigated or renovated, be our guest.  Going from a large 4-bedroom house with 4.5 baths to a 2 bedroom assisted living community is a major change.  Where will you put all of the things it took an entire lifetime to accumulate?  Yellow Rose Movers Amarillo has an idea.  Consider us for short and long term storage options.

Climate Control

Protect your clothes, furniture and linens from mildew and mold.  Once fungi sets in, a hot steam shampoo is required to rid your things of that smell and the bacteria.  Technologically advanced equipment and computers should be stored in a climate controlled environment to prevent overheating and malfunction.  Rodents and other pests prefer warm and moist environments.  A cool and dehumidified storage unit deters them from building a home and infesting your furniture.  We allow you to set the temperature in your storage unit.  Each customer is unique with a different set of needs.  It would be our pleasure to assist you in determining the perfect climate.

Pick Up & Drop Off

Sure, you can take time out of your busy day to drive over to our facility to drop off your things, but with our convenient service, why would you?  Our pick up and drop off fees are reasonable.  So reasonable that you wouldn’t want to waste your time getting your hands dirty.  Allow us to pick up your office documents, store them in a climate controlled unit and drop them off when and if you need them.  We work with local law offices to help them conserve space and preserve important legal documents.  It would be our pleasure to work with you too.  Contact us for affordable rates.


You may be wondering who has access to your storage unit.  Access and security are extremely important issues within the storage industry.  To enter the premises, one must have the code.  Without a unique code, they cannot come onto the property.  There is another code to access your particular unit.  We want to remind you that our property is monitored at all times by an armed guard.  Closed caption television allows us to keep an eye out on the ingress and egress of our customers and any unauthorized persons.  Video recordings are stored for 5 years in case of emergency. Would you like to learn more about Yellow Rose Movers Amarillo?